Should I Cover My Above Ground Pool When It Rains?

Is rain water bad for pool?

However, rain will wash minerals and dirt off your pool deck and into the water, which may increase the calcium and TDS in your pool.

This runoff can also affect your pool’s pH and TA.

To make sure that your pool remains safe to swim in, you need to rebalance your pool chemical levels before taking a dip after a rain..

What do you do with your pool when it rains?

How to Drain Water from Your Pool after RainClean the Pool Deck. Sweep up debris from the pool deck, and use a garden hose to clean it of dirt. … Manually Remove Debris from the Pool. … Turn On the Pump and Filter. … Brush the Pool. … Vacuum the Pool. … Drain Some of the Water from the Pool. … Test and Balance the Water. … Store Outdoor Furniture Indoors.More items…•

How do you take care of an above ground pool after it rains?

Sometimes after it rains, you will find winds have blow a lot of dirt, leaves and other debris in your pool. This often increases the nitrogen and phosphorus levels promoting growth of algae and bacteria. First, skim your pool, then vacuum. You can use an automatic pool cleaner or manually vacuum the pool yourself.

Should I cover my above ground pool when it rains?

Whilst it is preferable that you keep your swimming pool covered ahead of heavy rains to keep contaminants away, the cover may also be of little value in the event of strong winds accompanying a storm. It can easily be ripped off by gusts or torn by falling branches, sticks, or other sharp objects.

Why do pools not overflow when it rains?

The amount of overflow would only be equal to rainfall minus the amount of rainfall needed to fill the pool- the beginning contents of the pool are not going to come out of the pool somehow because of rain. … Never drain your pool if there is standing water in your yard!

Should I backwash before or after shocking?

Backwash only as needed. Brush the pool vigorously, several times after shocking the pool. Do not use a solar blanket until chlorine and pH level are normal. If chlorine level drops to zero within 24 hours, Repeat the shock treatment.

Do I need to drain my pool when it rains?

Too much rain can raise the water level in your pool to overflowing if you’re not careful. If the water in your pool is in danger of overflow, you may need to drain the pool.

Should I cover my above ground pool every night?

Covers prevent evaporation Having patrons in the water during the day may reduce this effect, but an uncovered pool will still lose water during the night. Place a cover over your pool after hours to block excess heat from the surface of the water.

Does backwashing remove water from pool?

However, the only way to clean a sand or DE filter is with the water-guzzling method known as backwashing. In this process, you reverse the flow of pool water through the filter. … So, while your filter is losing unwanted dirt and debris—your pool is losing a ton of water.

Is rainwater bad for a pool?

Rainwater is known to have acidic properties that can negatively affect your pool water chemistry balance. … Because rainwater is generally acidic (see map showing pH of rainwater across U.S), then your pool water can become corrosive and cause damage to the plaster and metal parts of your pool.