Quick Answer: What Is Another Name For Vaporization?

What is the process of vaporization?

Vaporization, conversion of a substance from the liquid or solid phase into the gaseous (vapour) phase.

If conditions allow the formation of vapour bubbles within a liquid, the vaporization process is called boiling.

Direct conversion from solid to vapour is called sublimation..

What is the definition of vaporize?

transitive verb. 1 : to convert (as by the application of heat or by spraying) into vapor. 2 : to cause to become dissipated.

Where are Agglutinogens located?

Any substance that acts as an antigen to stimulate production of specific agglutinin. Agglutinogens in the blood are proteins existing on the surface of every red blood cell in the body. The kind of agglutinogens present on the red blood cells helps determine the blood type of a person.

What happens to the human body after a nuclear explosion?

The blast can injure the human body through effects such as rupturing ear drums or lungs, or by throwing people at dangerous speeds. … A nuclear blast can also lead to many long term effects on human health, and can cause cataracts, thyroid disease, birth defects and cancer.

What is the scientific name for Magma?

But before the lava rises to the earth’s surface it’s called magma. … Although lava and magma are often used interchangeably, technically magma is the name for the hot molten rock (mixed with gases and mineral crystals) that collects in chambers beneath the Earth’s crust.

Is boiling and vaporization same?

Vaporization (or vaporisation) of an element or compound is a phase transition from the liquid phase to vapor. There are two types of vaporization: evaporation and boiling. Evaporation is a surface phenomenon, whereas boiling is a bulk phenomenon.

What is difference between evaporation and vaporization?

During vaporization, all of the water can turn into gas. As for evaporation, only the top level of water is turned into gas. When vaporization occurs, molecules could come from below the surface when the liquid is boiling. During evaporation, the molecules vaporize only from the surface of the liquid.

What is the another name of volcano?

Volcano Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for volcano?mountainpeakbankbluffbuttecliffcragdomedriftfoothill62 more rows

What are the two types of vaporization?

The Vaporization of an element or compound is a phase transition from the liquid phase to vapor. There exists two types of vaporization: evaporation and boiling.

Can you be vaporized by electricity?

Seriously, the “vapor” you see from electrical shorts involving organic objects involved is mostly steam. That can “vaporize”. But, you also may see the plasma of the electrical conduction (like lightning) and that will obscure the object being burned.

What’s the difference between Agglutinogens and Agglutinins?

Answer and Explanation: Agglutinogen can be defined as any antigen that can stimulate the production of an agglutinin, whereas the agglutinin can be defined as a material that causes the cells to coagulate or clumping of cells.

Can human body melt?

People don’t melt. They can burn in high heats to different degrees. Our body might render as ash in highest head; in lower heat, it could simply dehydrate us to a jerky like leather.

What is another name for Agglutinogens?

Agglutinogens Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for agglutinogens?serumsantidotesagglutininsantibodiesantigensantitoxinscounterirritantscounterpoisonsimmunizersimmunotoxins2 more rows

What is another name for radiation?

What is another word for radiation?broadcastcirculationdiffractiondiffusiondispersaldispersiondisseminationdissipationdistributiondivarication22 more rows

Can a human be vaporized?

The human body is a bit more complicated than a glass of water, but it still vaporizes like one. … According to the captured study, it takes around three gigajoules of death-ray to entirely vaporize a person—enough to completely melt 5,000 pounds of steel or simulate a lightning bolt. ZAP!

What are Agglutinogens why are they important in ABO blood typing?

Antigens function to enable our immune system to distinguish the body’s own cells from foreign invaders. … In blood typing, antigens on the surfaces of red blood cells (RBCs) are also known as agglutinogens and the antibodies that react against them are also called agglutinins.

What is the opposite of Volcano?

What is the opposite of volcanic?nonviolentpeaceableunruffledserenestillstablerelaxedrestfulhusheduneventful12 more rows

How do you say volcano in different languages?

This is the translation of the word “volcano” to over 80 other languages….Saying Volcano in European Languages.LanguageWays to say volcanoCzechsopkaEditDanishvulkanEditDutchvulkaanEditEstonianvulkaanEdit33 more rows