Quick Answer: How Are Romeo And Mercutio Different?

What is Mercutio relationship with Romeo?

He is a close friend to Romeo and a blood relative to Prince Escalus and Count Paris.

As such, being neither a Montague nor a Capulet, Mercutio is one of the named characters in the play with the ability to mingle around those of both houses..

How are Romeo and Mercutio foils?

Mercutio is a foil to Romeo in their attitudes toward love and in their personality traits. Whereas Romeo is in love with love, speaking of it in Petrarchan reverence as he pines over Rosaline, Mercutio exhibits a somewhat cavalier attitude toward love. … As his name suggests, Mercutio is, indeed, mercurial.

How does Mercutio change throughout the play?

His dream lover, Rosaline, does not even know the existence of Romeo. Through Mercutio’s dramatic using of words and obvious personality, Romeo and Juliet becomes more energetic and lively. … The other is Mercutio’s death; his death changes the whole play into a tragedy.

What is Mercutio’s fatal flaw?

Mercutio’s tragic flaw is that he exhibits the characteristic Montague anger. This leads to his senseless brawl with Tybalt. As a result, this brawl ultimately costs Mercutio his life.

Why is Mercutio important?

Mercutio is a close friend of Romeo’s but has a very different personality. While Romeo loves and dreams and broods, Mercutio talks and jokes. … He is also important as he serves as a foil to Romeo, that is to say he helps to highlight Romeo’s character through the contrast to his own.

How does Mercutio influence Romeo and Juliet?

Mercutio’s actions cause the death of Juliet’s cousin Tybalt. He indirectly causes Romeo and Juliet to meet, and he has an indirect cause in both Romeo and Juliet’s deaths. … Another way Mercutio affected Romeo and Juliet’s lives was his death. Mercutio was killed while having a playful duel with Tybalt.

Why is Benvolio blamed?

It was Benvolio’s fault! Benvolio was the one who invited Romeo to crash the party. Even if it was for good intentions, it was his doing that Romeo even met Juliet. Also, when Tybalt and Mercutio fought, Benvolio just stood aside as his best friend died.

Does Mercutio believe in love?

Lesson Summary Mercutio was a loyal best friend to the death. He was witty, funny, hotheaded, and perhaps even a bit crude. Romeo was a romantic, while Mercutio did not believe in the idea of true love. It was his loyalty that killed him in the end.

How is Rosaline a foil to Juliet?

Rosaline, the girl Romeo is in love with before he sees Juliet, is a foil for Juliet’s character. Rosaline is aloof, quiet, and has sworn off marriage and pleasures of the flesh. She is uninterested in Romeo and his adoration. Contrast this with Juliet, who is neither quiet and remote, nor disinterested and chaste.

Is Mercutio a good friend to Romeo?

Mercutio is Romeo’s best friend. … When Romeo is depressed because of his unrequited love for Rosaline, it is Mercutio that suggests they should all gate-crash the Capulet party. Later on in the play, when Tybalt arrives to fight Romeo, Mercutio stands in for Romeo as he is loyal towards his best friend.

What were Mercutio’s last words?

Mercutio dies, cursing both the Montagues and the Capulets: “A plague o’ both your houses” (3.1. 87), and still pouring forth his wild witticisms: “Ask for me tomorrow, and / you shall find me a grave man” (3.1.