Quick Answer: Can You Use A Baby Thermometer On Adults?

Can you use a regular infrared thermometer on humans?

It is not advisable to use a general-purpose infrared thermometer to measure human forehead temperature.

That’s because objects tend to emit infrared radiation more efficiently.

To measure human temperature, you should only use infrared thermometers that are FDA-approved..

What no touch thermometer do hospitals use?

The Hospital Grade No Contact Thermometer – Hammacher Schlemmer. This is the infrared thermometer used by hospitals for its convenient and hygienic operationthat provides an accurate temperature reading in only one second without touching the patient.

How reliable are forehead thermometers?

Forehead temps are the next most accurate. Oral and ear temps are also accurate if done properly. Temps done in the armpit are the least accurate.

What type of thermometer is most accurate for adults?

Rectal thermometers, which go into your rear end, are the most accurate, but they can be uncomfortable. Armpit, ear, and forehead thermometers aren’t as accurate. Most doctors think an oral thermometer, which you hold under your tongue, is best.

Can you use a regular thermometer for baby?

Birth to 3 months. Use a regular digital thermometer to take a rectal temperature. New research suggests that a temporal artery thermometer might also provide accurate readings in newborns.