Question: Which Evaporator Is Used In Domestic Refrigerator?

Which type of compressor is used in domestic refrigerator?

Reciprocating, rotary, and centrifugal compressors are the most common among refrigeration units.


Condenser: The condenser is a set of coiled tubes.

In the domestic refrigerator, you will find your compressor at the back of the appliance..

What is bare tube evaporator?

Bare tube evaporator. In this type of evaporator the entire surface of the coil is in contact with the refrigerant inside. This type of evaporator is also called prime-surface evaporator. The bare tube coil evaporators are extensively used in household refrigerators because they are easier to keep clean.

What is the evaporator in a refrigerator?

The evaporator is located inside a refrigerator and is the part that makes the items in the refrigerator cold. As the refrigerant turns from a liquid into a gas through evaporation, it cools the area around it, producing the proper environment for storing food.

Where is the plate type evaporator used?

Plate types of evaporators provide excellent shelves in the freezers and similar applications. They can be used as the as the partitions in the freezers, frozen food display cases, ice cream cabinets, soda fountains and others.

What are the types of evaporator?

The types of evaporators in this category include:Climbing Film Evaporator. … Short-tube Vertical Evaporator. … Basket-type Evaporator. … Long-tube Vertical Evaporator. … Plate Evaporators. … Horizontal Tube Shell-Side Evaporator.

What happens if evaporator fan stops working?

Feel for cold air in the freezer. If the evaporator fan motor stops working, your freezer will begin to defrost. … Most freezers don’t run the evaporator fan motor when the door is open, so if the fan does work, it will turn off when you open the door. Check the temperature setting on the freezer to be sure it’s on cold.

What is a plate evaporator?

A climbing/falling film plate evaporator is a specialized type of evaporator in which a thin film of liquid is passed over a rising and falling plate to allow the evaporation process to occur.

Which of the following is generally used in domestic refrigerator?

The sizes of the domestic refrigerators vary from about 100 litres to about 600 litres. Now-a-days, most of these units use either HFC-134a or hydrocarbons as refrigerants. They use a sealed (hermetic) compressor with a capillary tube as an expansion device.

Does evaporator fan run all the time?

The evaporator fan usually stays on except when you are in defrost mode. Usually half an hour or so every 8 hours. Sounds like you have a defrost problem. The unit will run OK for a few days till the evaporator coils again get clogged up with ice/frost again.

What is a domestic fridge?

Refrigerator, Domestic. (also household refrigerator), an appliance that is used for the short-term preservation of food products in the home by means of refrigeration. … A domestic refrigerator is a metal cabinet with a built-in hermetically sealed refrigerating unit (Figure 1).

What is the principle of evaporator?

The evaporator works the opposite of the condenser, here refrigerant liquid is converted to gas, absorbing heat from the air in the compartment. When the liquid refrigerant reaches the evaporator its pressure has been reduced, dissipating its heat content and making it much cooler than the fan air flowing around it.

How do I know if my fridge is low on Freon?

Locate the refrigerator’s condenser and place your hand next to it to sense heat. If the condenser feels cold and the refrigerator has been running, there may be a lack or absence of Freon.

Where is the evaporator in a refrigerator?

The evaporator is the aluminum coil hidden behind a panel in the freezer compartment that makes all the cold air in your fridge. Side x Side, Top ‘n Bottom, French Door– doesn’t matter what kind of refrigerator you have, it will have an evaporator coil.

Which gas is used in domestic refrigerator?

The most commonly used refrigerant in refrigerators is R 134a which is tetrafluoroethylene, which does not deteriorate ozone layers.

Does freezer fan run all the time?

The evaporator fan motor draws air over the evaporator coils and circulates it throughout the freezer. On most refrigerators, the fan motor will not run when the door is open. … To compensate for the decrease in cooling capacity, the freezer will run continuously in an attempt to keep the freezer cold.

What is the difference between evaporator and condenser?

While the evaporator coil picks up heat from indoor air, the condenser coil releases heat into outdoor air. The load of heat energy extracted from your home and compressed in hot refrigerant vapor is rapidly released when refrigerant circulates into the coil and condenses to liquid.

How do I know if my evaporator coil is frozen?

Once you discover a frozen unit, turn off the system and turn on the blower to help thaw the evaporator coils. Feel the air coming out of the supply registers. If it feels warm, the evaporator coils may be iced over. Turn off the air conditioner and open the access panel to the evaporator.