Is Yoni Oil Safe?

How do you use Yoni wash?


Apply 2-3 drops to the palms of your hands or wash cloth, combine with a little bit of water to lather, cleanse your intimate body parts daily.

Also, great for cleansing your yoni eggs, yoni wands or other gemstones.

Add 2-3 drop to a bowl of water and gently agitate your gemstones for a few minutes..

What is a drip Yoni bar?

The Drip Bar is a moisturizing bar infused with lemongrass, sweet almond, and Jojoba oil. Our antibacterial, antimicrobial soap can be used to help eliminate vaginal infections and balance your PH once and for all. Organic Calendula herbs are used to help soothe and hydrate the vaginal area.

Why is Summer’s Eve bad for you?

Though you may feel fresh after using soap or baby powder or even a deodorant spray, use of those products can throw off the pH balance in your vagina. An imbalance will keep your natural flora from coexisting as they should, resulting in an increased odor, irritation or yeast infection.

Where is your Yoni?

According to Indologists Rahul Das and Gerrit Meulenbeld known for their translations and reviews of ancient Sanskrit medical and other literature, yoni “usually denotes the vagina or the vulva, in a technical sense it also includes the uterus along with these; moreover, yoni- can at times mean simply ‘womb, uterus’ …

What does Yoni mean?

Yoni, (Sanskrit: “abode,” “source,” “womb,” or “vagina”) in Hinduism, the symbol of the goddess Shakti, the feminine generative power and, as a goddess, the consort of Shiva. In Shaivism, the branch of Hinduism devoted to worship of the god Shiva, the yoni is often associated with the lingam, which is Shiva’s symbol.

How do I know if my pH is off?

Signs and symptoms of an unbalanced vaginal pHa foul or fishy smell.unusual white, gray, or green discharge.vaginal itching.burning when you urinate.

What is Yoni care?

Vaginal steaming, sometimes shortened to V-steaming, and also known as yoni steaming, is an alternative health treatment whereby a woman squats or sits over steaming water containing herbs such as mugwort, rosemary, wormwood, and basil.

What ingredients are in Yoni oil?

Adaptogenic Yoni Oil Holy Yoni is an adaptogenic blend of Schisandra Berry Extract, Bulgarian Rose Oil, Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil.

Is Dove soap good for your vag?

Your vulva is highly sensitive: apply no perfume, perfumed soap, dyed toilet articles, shampoos, detergents, or douches on vulvar tissues. 4) Use mild soap for body care (like Dove soap). Mild Soap is NOT the same as a “natural” soap. Natural soaps are not necessarily mild soaps.

What is holy Yoni used for?

Use for passion, pleasure and daily maintenance! Holy Yoni can also be applied to the rest of the body to help hydrate and soften skin.

How do you use Yoni eggs?

The “prescribed” use of a yoni egg, according to proponents, is pretty simple. You insert the rock into your vagina for anywhere from a few minutes to overnight — ideally, every day. If you’ve heard people talk about the benefits of healing crystals, the spiritual benefits of yoni eggs will sound familiar.

How do you keep your VAG smelling good?

Tips for preventing future odorConsider probiotics. Probiotics, which are good-for-you bacteria, can help maintain the pH balance of your vagina. … Maintain a healthy diet. … Stay hydrated. … Avoid douches and scrubs. … Wash your genital area before and after intercourse. … Cut out tight clothes. … Wear cotton panties.